How to quickly chill your wine

Hi everyone!
Today I have a quick tip for you. Do you know this, when friends come over spontaneously and you quickly go and buy a bottle of wine but you don’t have time to chill it? All wine lovers will agree with me that it is a terrible idea to put ice cubes into the wine. The much better option is to add
frozen grapes. Of course you will have to freeze the grapes in advance and I always have some frozen grapes in my freezer. It literally takes 3 seconds to put them in a freezer and frozen grapes look so nice in a glass! You can also you red grapes or even red currant. Sometimes it take 3 seconds of effort that make the difference between an average glass of wine and a drink that shows consideration and that you are doing your best to prepare a nice evening for your friends.

I hope that you liked this quick tip!

All the best!



  1. Great idea! I used to use frozen to make a sangria but this sounds like a much better option. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Yeah, I love this idea as well! It looks so nice, especially when you use different colours