Have an attitude of gratitude # 2

Hi everyone!
Just recently I have read an article about the 365 gratitude project. In this project the photographer Hailey Bartholomew took one photo per day of things that she is grateful for. It all started with a conversation she had with a nun in 2008. Hailey had a very good life but somehow she wasn’t happy with it and had no idea why. The nun told her that the key to happiness is reflection and gratitude, so Hailey started to write down everything that she was grateful on a daily basis. She noticed quick changes in her level of happiness, so she wanted to take this project to the next level. Packed with Polaroid films for one year she started to take one photo per day of things she was grateful for. The result is a wonderful, friendly and happy collection of photos that I really enjoyed looking at. Hailey says that seeing and celebrating the good things in life really reprogrammed her brain. If you are interested, you can find her project here. I found this project really inspiring, so here is my week of gratitude:

I had some time to relax after my birthday and to think about what I want to achieve in the next year.

I got a lot of things off from my to-do list, so afterwards I had a lot of time for myself and to write for the blog without feeling guilty that I’m not busy.

I was cleansing and in a very bad mood because I turn into The Hulk when I’m hungry :D. But the positive thing is that I did something good for my body although I was in a terrible mood that day!

I got a new, very nice blender, so be warned! I will publish lots of blender recipes because I’m very excited about the blender!

I discovered House of Cards as a TV show. I know, it is a very mundane thing to be grateful for… but have you watched it? It is so good and I don’t do anything but watching this TV show (Now that I think about it, it might not be such a good thing but I had a very nice afternoon).

I had the discipline to get up early enough to go jogging before the heat started. A day feels much better to me when I started it with sports.

I prepared the most delicious eggplant lasagna and later I met friends for a glass of wine.

This was my week of gratitude. It is filled with mundane things but still I had a very nice week. Maybe this post could inspire you to see and celebrate the good things in life as well!

All the best!



  1. WOW what a lovely picture !!

    I have been following our blog for a while now and I love it!!!! Love your design to its GAWJUS!!
    keep up the fantastic work

    come say hi some time




  2. Thank you so much! I took this picture in Thailand at Maya Bay. It a such a lovely place! And I am always glad to get such a nice feedback :)