Instruction to be unhappy

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Do you know this feeling? You walk down the street on a sunny day, everything seems perfect and still you meet a person who has always something to fuss about. Often I think that grumpiness actually is what makes many people happy. So, the last time I was lying in the sun, enjoying the good weather, I thought I should come up with a few tips that help people to be unhappy more efficiently - or the sunshine might actually kill their grumpiness.
To be most efficient, it is always the best thing to grip a problem at its roots. In our case at the neurotransmitter Serotonin that lets us to experiences the feeling of happiness. In order to sabotage Serotonin most efficiently, we have to attack it a different levels:
1.) Keep Serotonin precursors from entering the body. 2.) Prevent that Serotonin is produced. 3.) Prevent that Serotonin is released and can cause a feeling of happiness
Keep Serotonin precursors from entering the body
Serotonin is made from the amino acid tryptophan, which is present in many foods, so tryptophan is hard to avoid. Hence, we have to prevent that tryptophan is absorbed from the food and enters the body. In order to do so, we can use the fact that tryptophan binds easily to fructose, also called fruit sugar. When we eat large amounts of fructose, it cannot be absorbed entirely and a lot will remain in our digestive system and will later be exuded. Tryptophan that is bound to fructose will then be exuded as well. Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables do not contain enough fructose to reach this effect. Luckily the food industry comes to help here. The thing is that only average crystal sugar needs to be declared with the word “sugar”. So, when you buy food that is “reduced in sugar”, pretty often crystal sugar is only replaced by fructose. This way it is possible to take in high amounts of fructose effortlessly which is an efficient way to block the tryptophan intake. You only need to have lots of foods that are “reduced in sugar”.

Prevent that Serotonin is produced
Of course it is not entirely possible to keep tryptophan from entering the body. But we can stop tryptophan from being turned into serotonin. In order to produce serotonin the enzyme tryptophan hydrolase 2 is necessary. Luckily our body has built in a little obstacle for that enzyme because it needs a co-factor as a helping hand. This co-factor is Vitamin D. Unfortunately our body can produce vitamin D itself but only, if we spend enough time in the sun. Again, modern society helps because it has invented computers, TV and phones. This way we can avoid the sun without having to miss out on entertainment and social contacts.

Prevent that Serotonin is released
I know, I know, we have done a lot already to prevent the Serotonin production. But to be sure that no Serotonin can get to its target place, we can prevent that it is released from the synapse. In order to do so, there is one tiny mechanism that we can use. The body needs omega-3-fatty acids to release Serotonin from the synapse. It is easy to avoid omega-3-fatty acids. They are present in fatty fish like salmon or in avocados, nuts or olive oil. Instead it is recommendable to eat as many processed foods as possible. They contain big amounts of palm oil which will not affect the Serotonin production too much. The smart consumer chooses products that are “reduced in sugar”, so he kills two birds with one stone.

If you follow all advice, you should stop experiencing a feels of happiness in the future. I will sum up once again: Eat a lot of fructose in form of foods that are “reduced in sugar”, spent as little time as possible in the sun, avoid omega-3-fatty acids and eats lots of processed foods instead.

Extra Tip

In the unlikely case that some people actually want to feel happier, they should try the opposite!

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